This movie has everything you need in life from a movie.

Chris Thomas

Funniest movie I've seen in a long time you guys have done an awesome job definitely going to tell as many people about this movie. Hurry up and put a second screening on so that we can buy tickets to go and see it again

Jason Brown

The best way to describe this movie is what if "Hobo With A Shot Gun" & "Naked Gun" had a bastard child? Lieutenant Jangles would be their child. Matt Dickie steals the show as the anti hero cop who takes out the bad guys while being an asshole in the process!

I'm a big fan of Grindsploitation movies and this one does not disappoint.

Doug Fresh

This was so fun. One of the last things to enjoy at The New Globe Theatre Brisbane before they close it down too....

Jen Lewis

Pure Bliss.

Nathan Ludwig

Attended the premiere of this locally made flick on the weekend and laughed all the way through. What a fun spoof on 80's buddy cop schlock with a killer soundtrack. Look out for Lieutenant Jangles The Motion Picture - he's coming for you

Emma Randall

An amazing tribute to 80's Action/Crime films!! 5 out of 5 stars!

Looks and feels as if it was shot in the 80's, great characters and memorable lines that you will be repeating immediately after seeing this film..

Robert Alvarez

5 stars. 10/10. Hands down the funniest, most action-packed, crowd pleasing movie I’ve seen in a long time, I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed so hard in a movie.

Matt Dickie is terrific, and it’s astounding to see what the crew were able to pull off with their budget. I loved this movie with every fibre of my being, If it’s ever playing near you, go see it. Or buy a Blu-ray the second they’re available.

David Hiatt

Lieutenant Jangles is a hilarious, surprisingly heartfelt labour of love and the ingenuity on display by all of the cast and crew is very inspiring. It makes a big difference when you can see a film that was made with so much passion.

See it however you can and pick up the blu-ray whenever it's available. This is a phenomenal crowd movie.

Nick Haywood

This movie is hilarious. A must watch!

Michael Whaley

5 stars! This film is hilarious! A throwback to 80's buddy cop/action movies with a wonderful soundtrack and even better zingers! Please do yourself a favor and see Lieutenant Jangles if you get the chance.

I was lucky enough to see it on the big screen at GenreBlast Film Festival. Despite my sleep deprivation, Lieutenant Jangles had me laughing from beginning to end; I didn't even get the chance to remember how tired I was! Definitely one of my favorites from the fest.

Can't wait 'till I have the option to buy it so I can show everyone else the hilarity of this movie.

Briana Jones