Hilarious Australian Action Comedy LIEUTENANT JANGLES Released By Scream Team On Blu-ray and VHS

If you’re in the mood for a gloriously over the top action flick, you might want to check out the Australian action comedy Lieutenant Jangles, which is now available on Blu-ray. This decidedly silly homage to 1980s action cinema stars Matt Dickie as the titular Lieutenant Jangles, a no-nonsense cop who goes to extreme measures to avenge the death of his partner. Put simply, this is 103 minutes of pure insane action and hilarious one-liners. So this is not a film for the easily offended, but those of you who miss action cinema from the decade of excess will have a great time. We also awarded Lieutenant Jangles a positive review, so we’re sure you enjoy it.

Directed by Nicolas Champeaux, Lieutenant Jangles also stars Justin Gerardin, Harry Piaggio, Graham K. Furness, Tamara McLaughlin, and James Topp. While the soundtrack was provided by a multitude of acclaimed bands and artists, including Jupiter-8, Timecop 1983, Jon of the Shred, and The Van Dammage.

Lieutenant Jangles has been released on DVD and Blu-ray by Scream Team in the US, and because of the film’s ‘80s setting and its retro aesthetic, they are also offering a VHS copy, which should certainly appeal to collectors. The Blu-ray will include various special features, including commentaries, bloopers, a behind the scenes documentary, and a breakdown of the VFX, and will come at a standard price of $19.99. The VHS, on the other hand, will be priced at a reasonable $29.99. So if you’d like to add either of these item to your collection, we suggest you head over to Scream Team’s Lieutenant Jangles merchandise store now.

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